Since 1990 our company processes different types of plastic products and produces regranulates for further use in the industry. We have two fully equiped recycling facilities in Czech Republic, in which we constantely develop new technologies and products.


Processed materials:

PP  - EPP  - PA 6  - PA 66  - PS  - POM  - LDPE  - PC - ABS

Our lines are equipped with Sheer granulators sieving systems. We process plastic sheets, fibers, molds and other types of industrial plastic waste.

Most common materials processed in our facilities are PP, PAx, LDEPE, POM, ABS and others. We freuquently process also glass or talc filled composites.

Our most recent technology is regranulation of fine plastic powder.

Least accepted amount is 300 kg of waste material

Our output is regranulate with dimension 3 x 5 mm (Diameter x Length)

We pack the regranulate in 25 kg bags / big bags / oktabins

On requirement we homogenize output material in silos

All output material undegoes magnetic metal separation

On requirement we also deliver testing speciments from our injection moulding machine


We are compounding plastic materials with fillers, pigments and other additives in our twin-screw extruder Leistritz ZSE67 with use of precise dosing and homogenizing in our facilities.

Don´t hesitate to contact us for more information.

For 28 years we are grinding and shredding plastic materials for our regranulation lines. Since the year 2010 we also offer fine grinding (powderizing) of plastic shreds.

We are able to shred plastic parts of the maximal dimension up to 800 mm, but we are able to cut larger parts on our hydraulic guillotine.

Our 4 large capacity grinders are equipped with dust removal system for safe and comfortable manipulation with final shred. 

We are also powderizing plastic shreds at our new plate grinder NeueHerbold equipped with Agaier sieving system. Final powder fraction can be set in range between 1000 and 300 µm.

All our shredding lines are equipped with metal detector and separator.

We shredd plastic part of max. dimension 800 mm

We cut larger parts at hydraulic guillotine

Our output is shred, which can be packed or further regranulated

Powderizing input is shredd in max dimension 3 to 5 mm

Fraction of powderizing output is between 300 and 1000 μm

Output material undergoes magnetical metal separation


The offer of our products varies according to the production of our lines. You can find the current offer for this month below. 

If you haven´t find material you were looking for, don´t hesitate to contact us.

February 2024