Opatření COVID 19

With regard to the extraordinary situation caused by COVID 19, our cooperative was forced to significantly tighten the visitor and also the working rules, in addition to the current measures announced by the government. As we are primarily concerned with the health of our employees, we have significantly reduced the contact of visitors (especially drivers) with our employees. All visitors are therefore forced to follow the following rules:

  • All visitors at the RENOplastic premises are required to wear a protective mask and gloves.
  • Driver arriving at the gates will remain in his cab and wait for one of our workers to collect his delivery documentation.
  • The driver will leave his cab only for the time necessary to open or close the cargo space of his vehicle.
  • The driver remains in his cab during cargo loading/unloading.
  • Po naložení/vyložení kamionu řidič zavře nákladní prostor, nastoupí do kabiny kamionu a počká na předání dokumentů našeho pracovníka.
  • The driver recieves the delivery documentation from our worker while waiting in his cab.
  • The driver isn´t allowed to enter any of RENOplastic buildings.

At the same time, however, we can assure all our customers that our production works without restrictions and we continue to succeed in creating new production capacities and thus increase the performance of our production. With the new, ever-expanding areal, our production and storage capacity increases. With the current development of the recycling industry, we believe that this year we will be able to increase the quality and quantity of our production.